Accelerating Business Outcomes

Accelerating Business Outcomes

Scalable AI Mississippi platform can address the challenges of data storage, integration and accessibility for organizations. Based on Hadoop architecture, Mississippi the data lake platform can be used for delivering deep insight across a large, broad, diverse set of data at efficient scale in a way that existing enterprise systems and tools can integrate with. It provides the core capabilities to parse, store, manage and query massive datasets, enabling organizations to focus their effort on building their bespoke Big Data solutions.

Enterprise Data Lake

How to Conquer the Data Deluge and Derive Insights that Matters

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Technology Benefits

Reduce storage silos and facilitate in-place analytics. Deploy Scalable AI Mississippi- a data lake platform to address your company's information challenges.

Better Data Access

Unlimited File Size

Fast Ingestion and Storage for all Data Types

Optimized for Mission Critical Workloads

Business Benefits

Uncover hidden insights in your data to meet your current and future business needs. Consolidate, optimize, and analyze the data in your enterprise using our Mississippi data lake platform.

A Global View of your Business
Rapid Access to Data
High Operational Efficiency
Highly Durable and Reliable

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