Next-generation wealth management solutions for insurance and financial professional

Analytics that Create Insight, Impact and Innovation for Financial Services

Scalable Fortuna services is an advanced wealth management solutions accelerator and framework to help financial advisors acquire, retain, and serve wealth management clients better and faster. Our services delivers actionable insights and outcomes about asset performance management, asset strategy, and asset investment planning for making better asset investment and management decisions.

With IntelliFortuna you Can

We offer financial institutions a wide range of portfolio analytics solutions to private banking and institutions delivering customized requirements from one consistent architecture.

Provide a 360-degree customer view for increasing effectiveness of customer acquisition strategies and tactics.

Derive actionable insights on asset performance management, asset strategy and asset investment planning.

Optimize life expectancy for new financial assets, improve capital and operations and maintenance.

Develop a holistic view of financial advisors to understand their financial goals, Maintain client profitability and re-build.

Start Making Better Decisions